About me Susana Miller - About me

I got into tango because I needed to do something beautiful with my life, something fun, a little bit transgresessor. I was alone, I had recently divorced, and having a tough time emotionally, and tango was a good option. So I began going to tango, to the academies, to the few that existed at that time. The teaching methods were very different. This was twenty years ago, therefore we did not have the difussion we have today. Many began with me those days, and some of us became professionals.

Before I began taking classes I knew what a regular argentinian of my age knows, somebody who tipically did not dance tango while growing up. When I was a child I got a little glimpse of tango but as something very naive. I used to go along with my dad to listen to Troilo playing live, even when my dad was not into the milonga scene. But Buenos Aires smells tango. The cities have a noise. The noise of Buenos Aires is tango.  So even though you have not been in the tango scene, you have listened to tangos as a child at home, in the street, and you have seen people dancing tango. And this is true for me as well, although I come from the age of rock. The music that I listened to or that I have fun was rock and roll.

I've donne lots of things: yoga, bioenergetic dance, ballet, and that all helped me when it came to do tango.

I learned with some very good teachers, but mainly with the milongueros. I was very trapped into the whole milonga scene, for me it was a new and magical world, an unknown and at the same time very interesting world.

And I'm still loving tango because its musical embrace and for all I learned and I still do. Tango gave me the knowledge of my feminine side, the consiousness of how I really am as opposed to how I thought I was. It gave me things for my life outside of tango and realized how I am with respect to the masculine. I used to think my surrender was much more than what it really was. And I faced the fact that I was afraid to the other sex, as well I knew how fearful is the opposite sex to one'own. But dancing tango made me enjoy the body dialog.

To dance became balsamic for my soul. The moment in what you dance is eternal and evanescent at the same time, since what happens to you at that moment trascends all the rest that is making you feel sad or somber of whatever it's you are feeling.